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Alex Reddu La mascota astronauta de Reddu, el protagonista del juego para la dislexia

Descubre el juego para tu dislexia

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We're transforming the way dyslexia is approached by using artificial intelligence and games to assist dyslexics over the age of 12.

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Improve, learn, play, and repeat

Designed for daily sessions of no more than 10 minutes, players will notice improvements in their dyslexia. Through gameplay, we energize content crafted by specialists.

Created by dyslexics, for dyslexics

We've designed the tools with people like us in mind. Because we know that with the right tools and support, dyslexia isn't a barrier—it's a superpower.

jugador dislexico para el juego dislexia reddu
Reddu for my family

Designed for sessions under 10 minutes. We help you from day one to improve outcomes.

profesora adaptando contenido de reddu
Reddu for my school

A system that allows you to instantly create adaptations for students with language difficulties, hassle-free.

Much more than a game.

Reddu is more than a game; it's technology serving dyslexics to take their education to the next level.

Juega desde cualquier lugar

Reddu is a multi-device experience, keeping the learning going wherever you are, and continuing to improve your dyslexia.

Reddu juego para dislexia
Automatic adaptations

We understand the student's needs through gameplay and generate the necessary adaptations.

Adaptaciones automaticas para profesores
Adaptive and personalized content
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Our smart system understands progress and generates the content the player needs.

We're grounded in science

Our intelligent system recognizes progress and creates the content that the player needs.

Equipo de reddu diseñando actividades

What do parents and professionals say?

Discover what professionals and other parents say about us, and how they use Reddu to enhance the educational experience for dyslexics.

icon recomendacion de reddu
"Reddu is engaging and enjoyable, plus the recommendations it makes are great from a psychopedagogical perspective."
José Arrifaza, Director of the Cabinet
Gäbinete Fönia
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