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With Reddu Schools,

Customizing education,
is almost like magic

Measure, comprehend, and tailor

Reddu Schools enables you to understand the evolution of your students' literacy challenges. But it's not just that; it also dishes out feedback, suggestions, progress notes, and automatic curriculum adjustments tailor-made for each student's needs.

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Your role is to educate;
Ours is to help you achieve it.

For your students, Reddu is a game designed based on scientific studies that helps them improve skills affected by learning difficulties like dyslexia. For you, as their educator, Reddu is the perfect companion, enabling you to personalize their learning

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Adapting content is as easy as uploading the document and selecting the student. Reddu takes care of the rest

For students

🗺️ Unique Paths: Individualized Exercises

Reddu generates unique paths and exercises using Artificial Intelligence, which understands the student's difficulties and strengths.

🎯 Corrects and learns from mistakes

Our intelligent system is capable of learning from the student's mistakes and offering instant corrections.

🏅 Microlearning: Responsible Technology

10 minutes of playing Reddu contribute to improving literacy skills.

For Professors

📊 Grasp the progress, receive recommendations

Reddu es capaz de entender el progreso del alumno y te ofrece recomendaciones directas y accionables para mejorar sus situaciones de aprendizaje

🦄 Customize content, it's magic

Upload a document and choose which student you want it to adapt to... ✨magic in progress✨... the content automatically adjusts to their needs, thanks to Dyslex.IA

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The game that allows you to develop skills from anywhere, in just 10 minutes

Mira que dicen los que ya nos han probado

Descubre lo que profesionales, otros profesores y las familias dicen de nosotros, y como ellos ya usan Reddu para mejorar la experiencia educativa de muchos en el aula

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"Nos permite trabajar de forma muy específica en función del punto donde se encuentre cada alumno"
Olga Castaño, Directora de gabinete
Colegio Brains
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Customizing education, now it's a breeze

The best way to help your students. Our holistic vision enables centers like yours to utilize the tool universally across all subjects, ensuring student progress with real and unique adaptations based on hundreds of data points

Automatic adaptations

We understand the student's needs through the game and generate the adaptations they require

Grasps the progress

Discover the evolution of your students' difficulties at a glance

As always, but better

Reddu integrates seamlessly so that your work continues as usual, while your student receives truly tailored customizations created for their needs

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Adaptive and individualized content
Reddu juego iconos.png

Our intelligent system understands the progress and generates the content the player needs

100% Transparent pricing:
You only pay for what you use. Fair, right?

Reddu Schools

1,90 € / adaptation

Free forever, pay only for what you use.

  • Free tracking panel

  • Free unlimited teachers

  • Free unlimited assignments

  • Adaptations 1,90 €/document

Unlimited adaptations?

Unlock Reddu Schools' full potential and forget about paying for each adaptation. Ask us about Reddu Schools Unlimited

Reddu for your students,
with super discounts 🤑

Al convertirte en una Reddu School todos los alumnos reciben superdescuentos jugar


Talk to us

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