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Dyslexics, success is much more than just grades

Reddu is an innovative tool for enhancing the abilities of secondary school students affected by dyslexia. Based on cutting-edge scientific research, we've created a game that propels the academic capabilities of dyslexic teenagers to higher levels. This game is more than just an educational resource; it's a way to transform learning challenges into opportunities for success.

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A game created to keep improving

We've tailored Reddu to harness training mechanisms for dyslexic thinking, aiming to support continual progress in students over 12 years old with dyslexia.


Reddu is specifically designed to train reading and writing difficulties, where enhancing these skills is linked to improved academic outcomes.


Our approach incorporates gamified microlearning methodologies. This fosters a spaced repetition strategy for skills, aiming to internalize tools effectively for lasting learning impacts.

Supporting us

Educating those who think differently

bienvenidos neuro divergentes, al juego para seguir mejorando


En Reddu se juega para progresar. Compartimos los resultados y la evolución de forma semanal para entender el progreso más allá de unas notas.

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It's always the time to improve

Train the skills most impacted by dyslexia, from phonological awareness to sustained attention. We harness technology for good, because the time to improve is always now.

📖  Unique levels and exercises

We use our own Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create unique exercises tailored to each player's specific needs.

👨‍💻  Micro learning, responisble technology

We recommend daily sessions of 10 to 20 minutes to see an effective improvement in skills

🎮  Effective gamification

When we have fun, we are better able to internalize learning

🎯 Weekly progress report

Receive a weekly report of the progress made and get recommendations for activities to continue improving.

Any doubts?Send us your questions via WhatsApp

Send us a WhatsApp message and we will reply in less than 24 hours, because the normal is wanting to learn more.

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