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Individualized and quality education for all

At Reddu, we've come to make a mark. We aim to create the future of education without leaving anyone behind on the journey. We believe in a system that adapts to the student, not the other way around. By motivating students and empowering them to take ownership of their learning, we believe we can make significant changes

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Born with a very clear vision

Helping students with dyslexia in higher stages of education to continue improving and become what they want to be.


Transforming education is no easy task. That's why we like to surround ourselves with people who share our vision: to create student-centered education that is quality-driven and accessible to all

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We know what we do and why we do it


Pau Font


Diagnosed with dyslexia in 4th grade, when he started secondary school, he realized that for the first time since his diagnosis, he would be alone. What now? He would have to fall 100 times and get up 101

Gerard Soldevilla


He never understood why students had to adapt to an education system, rather than the system adapting to them, recognizing and fostering who they really are.

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